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Produkt: IB – Tron 1000HTD - Programable differential electronic controller with backlight, with power supply 230V

IB – Tron 1000HTD - Programable differential electronic controller with backlight, with power supply 230V

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Basic information:

IB – Tron 1000HTD differential controller is independent microprocessor controller with large LCD display. The controller is designed to control work of valves, air dampers, electric air heaters, pumps, fans and other two- and three-point controlled appliances (on/off).

IB – Tron 1000HTD controller allows to control process of heating and cooling in systems, in which reaction to the temperature difference is necessary (e.g. solar systems, multi-tank systems, solid fuel boilers, fireplaces etc.).


  • Large, blue backlit LCD display which shows current temperature, a day of the week and other information.
  • Esthetic and modern design.
  • Easy, intuitive operating and programming.
  • Measurement of two temperatures FT and RT - calculation of the temperature difference and suitable reaction.
  • Comprehensive programming process in a weekly cycle with an accuracy of 1 minute and with possibility of programming four time periods each day.
  • Power supply from network 230V with baterry memory backup.
  • Manual and automatic control.
  • Adjustable three temperature differences:
    • Comfortable
    • Economic
    • Holiday
  • Displayed temperature with 0,1 ºC. accuracy.
  • The possibility of calibrate device (external sensors on long wires, independent calibration of FT and RT).
  • Adjustable hysteresis.
  • GUARD function - protection devices from damage
  • TEST function - Forced turning on and turning off device.
  • SMART START function - controller intelligently takes account of delay between the real temperature in the collector and temperature read by the sensor.
  • Large load - to 2 kW - allows to direct connection most of electrical appliances without the use of contactor.
  • Network, RS - 485 or Ethernet communication (optional).
  • The possibility of remote control (optional).
  • Keyboard lock.

Technical Data:

  • Energy consumption: < 2 W
  • Storage temperature:-5 ºC ÷ 50 ºC
  • Displayed temperature:-20 ÷ 140 ºC (every 0,1ºC )
  • Setting range of difference:1 ÷ 35 ºC (every 0,5ºC )
  • Accuracy: 1 ºC
  • Hysteresis:0,1 ÷ 0,5 ºC (every 0,1ºC); 0,5 ÷ 30,0 ºC every 0,5ºoC
  • Hysteresis for limits: 1 ÷ 5 ºC (every 1ºC)
  • Maximum load:2000 W
  • Power supply: 230V AC
  • Casing:ABS
  • Dimensions [mm]:120x120x23
  • Display:LCD (4``)
  • Control:Electronic
  • Protection rating:IP30
  • Memory of settings:36 months

Oznaczenie Modeli:

BL - blue backlight (backlight is activated by pressing any button and deactivated after a certain period of inactivity)

RC - IR remote control

NW - controller to work in the network (RS485 or Ethernet communication)

230V - controller with output 230V

NO - hermostat with normally open output.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Controller (the main panel)
  • 1x Power module
  • 1x Built-in temperature sensor
  • 1x Operating manual
  • 1x Operating manual for network (only with NW model)
  • 1x Pilot of remote control with battery (only with RC model)

General considerations:

  • During installation of controller, the supply of electricity should be turned off. It’s recommended to entrust the installation a specialized institution.
  • The controller is for surface-mounting, it sticks out 23mm.
  • Built-in RT sensor is complete with controller. FT sensor isn’t supplied with controller.
  • RT sensor is on the 20cm wire and it can be bring out at the back of casing.
  • RT sensor can be extended according to needs or it can be replaced by another type of sensor (if it’s needed).
  • Change of RT sensor doesn’t invalidate the warranty.
  • The controller gives 230V voltage on the output clamps (support of pump, valve, air damper, heating mat etc.). It’s possible to modify the output - during switching the actuating device, output clamps can be potential-free shorted (mechanical contact, cooperation with a typical gas stove)
  • IB-Tron 1000HTD controller consists of two parts: main panel with LCD display, keyboard and power module, with input clamps and output clamps of controller.

Operating principle:

Controller measures the temperatures: FT and RT If temperature difference is below the current desired value of difference, the controller wants to run actuating device.

Controller measures temperature difference ΔT = FT - RT. Physical placement of sensor is not indifferent!

FT - source of heat (higher temperature);

RT - heat receiver (lower temperature).

Temperature sensor:

  • Complete with controller is NTC thermistor on the 20cm wire. It can function as a one sensor if there isn’t required an additional casing of sensor. The second sensor isn’t supplied with termostat
  • The sensors can be extended to any length but we should remember that extension above 10m may cause a deviation of measurement with each meter and falsifying results. Therefore, for distance above 10m device has to be calibrated. Sensors have to be extend of wires: 2x 0,75 mm2.
  • The controller is compatible with NTC 10kOhm sensors having the following characteristics:
-50687 803
Temperature [ºC] Resistance[Ohm]
-40 346 405
-30 181 628
-20 99 084
-10 56 140
0 32 960
10 20 000
20 12 510
25 10 000
30 8 047
40 5 310
50 3 588
60 2 476
70 1 743
80 1 249
90 911
100 647

Examples of applications:

Controller of collector system (when temperature on the collector is higher than in the tank, loading pump is activated).

Controller of fireplace, central heating solid fuel boiler with buffer (when temperature in the fireplace/boiler is higher than in buffer, loading pump is activated)

Protection of tank against hypothermia in systems with solid fuel boiler/ with fireplaces (when boiler expires and temperature is lower than in hot water tank, valve shut-off a coil is closed).

Reloading energy (heat) between tanks according to work scheduler.




Two loose wires with thermistor come out from the controller (internal sensor), it can be cut and connect external RT sensor.

LCD Display:


Power module (with output 230V):



  • 1, 2 - sensorFT.
  • 3, 4 - power of controller 230V AC (3 - wire phase, 4 - wire neutral).
  • 5 - on this output will be phase if ΔT is lower than current desired temperature, when the limit of temperature is active or when controller is turned off.
  • 6 - on this output will be phase if ΔT is higher than current desired temperature.

ATTENTION!Do not connect controllers with voltage output to typical gas stove, because it causes its damage!

Power module (with normally-open contact) :



  • 1, 2 - Czujnik FT.
  • 3, 4 - Zasilanie 230V AC (3 - przewód fazowy, 4 - przewód neutralny).
  • 5, 6 - Te dwa zaciski są zwierane (beznapięciowo), gdy ΔT jest wyższa niż aktualnie zadana. Sygnał może być wykorzystany np do uruchomienia pieca gazowego.

UWAGA! Domyślnie dostarczany jest moduł z wyjściem 230V!


Dimensions of main panel (mm) and dimensions of power module (mm):


Exemplary connection diagrams:

Protection of tank against hypothermia with using valve with actuator type IB-Qxx


This diagram shows a classical implementation of system, in which solid fuel boiler powers the central heating system. Solid fuel boiler also heats up the hot water tank. When the boiler expires, previously loaded hot water tank can be chilled by the central heating system. To protect against adverse effect, we can use the differential controller IB-tron 1000HTD with the shut-off valve. When temperature on the boiler (FT sensor) is higher than temperature in the hot water tank, shut-off valve will be opened. When the boiler expires (FT < RT), shut-off valve will be closed.

Solar system:


This diagram shows a system, in which solar collector powers tank (central heating buffer or hot water tank) by using the coil. Circulation of medium is forced by the pump. The pump should be switched on, only when loading the tank is possible - in case, when temperature on collector (FT) is higher than tank temperature (RT). Controller IB-Tron 1000HTD measures both temperatures and decides to turn on or turn off the pump, including hysteresis and losses in the hydraulic system.

In the same way for example operates a system, in which instead solar collector is fireplace, working in occasional way and in which we don’t have full control over instantaneous heating power.


After proper connection the controller is ready to work. The controller is factory calibrated to work with standard sensor. However, with long wires, displayed temperature may be different from real temperature.

Clock displaying:

Time can be displayed in 24-hour system or 12-hour system.

Temperature unitsy:

Temperature can be displayed in ºC lub ºF.

GUARD function:

If the controlled device (e.g.: air damper, valve or pump) is not working for a long period of time, it may be damaged. Therefore it is important that each element was periodically turned on even when there is no need from point of view of system logic.

This protective function is GUARD function. It monitors work of controlled devices. If the device doesn’t change its status of the operating by 240 hours, the controller changes the status for 20 seconds.

SMART START function:

Distribution of temperatures for example in collector is not linear, also collector sensor is not physically placed in theoretical ideal place. Therefore in fact often happens that collector could start work a few minutes earlier than it happens in practice. While in the case of high solar radiation, energy looses resulting from this delay are negligible due to the large amount of energy, but in transitional and winter periods with lower solar radiation lost of energy is much more. Exemplary situation concerns other analogue devices to the collector.

To solve this problem, the controller is equipped with a special algorithm which dynamically analyzes behaviour of temperature on FT sensor. If controller concludes that above situation may occur, following several attempts to „push” heat to sensor (pump is switched on for a while), each system reaction is analyzed by the controller. If this function does not bring results (there is no conditions to switch on device), controller stops testing for a certain period of time (dynamically changeable).

Test of Relays:

TEST function is used to check the controlled device (e.g.: air damper) - if it’s well connected and working properly.

Keyboard lock:

To protect controller from unwanted change settings, you can lock controller keyboard.

When keyboard lock is activated, on display is visible a padlock symbol and keyboard doesn’t respond to pressing keys.


Hysteresis means a delay in switching on/switching off the device. If it’s higher value of the hysteresis, controlled device performs less cycles (e.g: air dampers) - therefore vitality of the device increases.

For example: If hysteresis is set on 2oC and desired difference of temperatures is 7 oC, device will be turned off. If difference of temperatures falls below 5 oC and will be turned on, if difference of temperatures is above 9 oC.

In normal conditions it’s recommended to set hysteresis value to 2oC. Value setting of hysteresis depends on specificity of system e.g. depends on where the measurement is, length of installation, type of medium etc.

Limits of temperatures:

If temperature of sensor exceeds the set temperature of limit (suitable for this sensor), controller will turn off device priority (e.g. protects the tank from overheating).

Hysteresis of temperatures’ limits:

Limits of temperatures also have got function of hysteresis. Value of hysteresis for temperature’s limits is independent of the hysteresis value for temperature difference („main” hysteresis). The same value of hysteresis is applied for limit of RT sensor as well as for limit of FT sensor.

Displaying temperatures:

Controller default indicates temperature RT


Controller can keep difference of temperatures: comfortable, economic or holiday (permanently or according to the scheduler).

Work scheduler:

In automatic mode we can set a work scheduler. It means setting suitable difference of temperature (comfortable/economic) at concrete hour.

With scheduler you can set lower difference of temperature in periods when looses on length of installation are less or in periods, when expected is a rapid increase/decrease of FT temperature.

You can program four time segments each day of the week, which were symbolically presented on display:


A symbol of the temperature difference is visible together with the symbol of the time segment to know what difference of temperature the time range concerns:


  • The fourth time segment lasts until the beginning of the first time segment the next day (e.g. from 9:00 p.m. on Monday to 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday).
  • If there is no need to use all these four time segments, you can set short segments, for example:
  • 1. 7:00
  • 2. 7:01
  • 3. 7:02
  • 4. 15:00
  • When controller implements the scheduler (works in automatic mode), on display is visible AUTO symbol.

Manual mode:

In manual mode the controller constantly keeps desired difference of temperature (without work scheduler).

  • If controller works in manual mode, on display is visible MANU symbol and time segment symbol is not visible.
  • Controller is in the manual mode until user doesn’t change it to automatic mode.

State of working:

When the controller is working, on display is visible a flame symbol.

Additionally, bar ratio symbolically presents difference between FT temperature and RT temperature (it shows how much heat can be still sent).

Network communication:

Controller is also available in versions adapted to work in network..

There are versions based on RS-485 or Ethernet communication.

Issues relating to network communication of controllers are contained in separate manuals connected with IB-System.


On display may appear symbols that signify:

  • LO - temperature on current sensor is below the lower measuring range.
  • HI - temperatur on current sensor is above the upper measuring range
  • ERR - current sensor is not connected or is damaged.
  • Visible symbol of RT and FT in the course when appears above symbol of this error, determines the current sensor (sensor which concern the error)
  • In above cases, for security the actuating device is blocked (phase on the output No. 5).

Software Version:

InsBud company supports policy of development. Thats why rights to making changes and improvements in products and manuals without prior notice reserved!

Our company is open to all suggestions to improve our controllers. If you have any idea to add new features or require unusual solutions, please contact us.

This manual applies to IB-Tron 1000HTD controller with software version number 007

Operation and functionality may be different from information contained in this manual, if your controller has other software version than software version 007.

Remote Control:

RC model allows to remote control of controller.

  • Comprehensive, remote operating of the controller.
  • Dimensions: 85x40x5 mm
  • Battery: CR2025 3V (included)


  • Parameters
    • Number of supported temperature sensors 2
    • Number of relays (total) 1
    • Ethernet communication Nie
    • RS-485 communication Nie
    • Remote control Nie
    • Backlight Tak
    • Controlling Elektroniczne
    • Output 1 230V
    • Power supply 230V AC


tel. +48 (32) 626-18-00
tel. +48 (32) 626-18-18
fax. +48 (32) 626-18-19
e-mail: insbud@insbud.net

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